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Only two minutes to your appointment for a free initial consultation


Introductory consultation

Our introductory consultation offers you the opportunity to gain a comprehensive impression of how and where our advice can help your company within just 60-90 minutes during the first meeting, whether in person or online.



Our workshop lasts one or two days and enables us to visit you on site and show you options for action and strategy. By brainstorming together and discussing approaches for the use of our consulting services, we create an individual roadmap for your success.


Cooperation paper

During the elaboration phase, we work closely with you to create a detailed paper that describes the specific use of our consulting services for your company. We remain in constant contact with you throughout this process.

All services provided by us up to the completion of the cooperation paper are free of charge for you. Please note, however, that a cancellation fee of 150 euros will be charged if you do not attend a booked appointment.



For the implementation of strategy and software solutions, your company will be assigned a dedicated employee who will act as a direct supervisor. This ensures that you receive continuous and supportive guidance throughout the entire process.



Following the introduction of the new strategies and technologies, training is provided to ensure that your team can apply them effectively. Our tailor-made training programs prepare your team optimally for the upcoming changes.


We remain your contact partner

Of course, our team will continue to be available to answer your questions, support you in achieving your goals and ensure that they are achieved in the long term. 

Non-binding introductory consultation

Our introductory consultations offer you the ideal opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the potential benefits of our services for your company in just 60-90 minutes. Whether in person or online, we focus intensively on your company, your goals and challenges in the areas of marketing, sales, AI process optimization, data management, product management and project management. Through targeted questions and analyses, we identify potential and tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements in each of these areas. Our offering includes strengthening your brand, increasing your sales figures, optimizing your processes through AI, securing and efficiently using your data, developing new products and improving your project management practices. We offer you a holistic approach to drive your business forward. We work with you to develop strategies to achieve your goals and ensure long-term success.

Please select the area to which your challenge can be assigned:

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