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What we offer

To give you a thorough insight into our services, we first use the Business Model Canvas to gain an overview of your business model. This allows us to capture the key aspects of your business at a glance: from your customer relationships and key partners to your cost structures. Together, we use the canvas to lay the groundwork for bespoke advice that is tailored to your needs.

Once we have worked through the Business Model Canvas together, we provide you with comprehensive consulting services that cover all facets of your enterprise. From product and process management, data collaboration, marketing and sales to process optimisation through artificial intelligence, we can enable you to achieve greater efficiency, agility and success.

We invite you to explore the rest of our offerings page and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us so that together we can pave the way to your success!


AI process development

Our AI process development service offers a thorough analysis and strategic planning for implementing AI in various business processes.
We examine business requirements, data availability, and technology options to identify customised approaches for integrating AI. This enables efficiency gains and innovative solutions. Rely on our service to develop AI processes that not only drive automation but also generate data-driven insights and value for your organisation. We can assist you in effectively incorporating AI technologies into your business operations and optimising their advantages.

Business analysis
and requirements definition

Our team provides a thorough evaluation of your business structures to identify tailored AI solutions. After conducting in-depth analysis, we gain an understanding of your specific requirements and establish clear objectives for the use of AI in your business processes. Choose us to establish the groundwork for innovative and efficient AI applications that will lead your organisation on a transformative journey.

Data procurement

We ensure comprehensive data collection and optimal processing. Our precise data preparation lays the foundation for powerful AI models. Rely on our expertise to access the right data sources and process them optimally, providing your AI applications with a solid and reliable data basis.

Model development

Our service provides customised design and training of advanced AI models. We guarantee accurate model development and training using relevant data sources to optimise your AI solutions for your business's specific needs. Count on our expertise to create innovative AI models that efficiently support your business goals and deliver maximum performance.


Data cooperation

Our data collaboration service facilitates seamless integration and collaboration of data sources. By collaborating efficiently, we ensure that your AI solutions have access to a broad and high-quality data foundation. Choose us to benefit from effective data collaboration that lays the groundwork for successful AI applications and promotes synergies in your data-driven environment.


Our team consolidates and standardises information from various sources to create a standardised and coherent database. We use precise methods to minimise redundancies and improve data quality. This provides you with an optimised basis for well-founded decisions. Choose us to harmonise your data landscape and enable efficient, consistent data usage - the key to your business success.

Quality control

Our service guarantees precise and dependable data through advanced quality assurance and improvement measures. We meticulously minimize errors, redundancies, and inconsistencies to provide you with a trustworthy foundation for data-driven decisions. Choose us to optimize your data quality and ensure that your information is always accurate, consistent, and ready to use.


Our data collaboration service facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling easy exchange and sharing of data between teams and departments. Our user-friendly platform creates an efficient environment for collaboration on data-based projects. Choose us to benefit from smooth data collaboration and ensure your team can effectively and efficiently achieve common goals.


Sales excellence

Our sales strategy service offers a thorough analysis of your entire sales function to develop customised strategies and increase your sales effectiveness. We identify targeted approaches by scrutinising sales processes, customer interactions, and market dynamics to achieve your sales goals. You can rely on our service to develop a well-thought-out sales strategy that not only delivers short-term success but also builds long-term customer relationships to drive sustainable business success.

Sales process analysis

Our sales process analysis offers a thorough evaluation of your sales processes to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and increased sales potential. We identify bottlenecks, optimization opportunities, and strategies to enhance sales effectiveness through a detailed examination from lead generation to closing. Rely on our service to optimize your sales process, increase conversion rates, and achieve sustainable success in your sales business.

Customer acquisition
and retention

Our customer acquisition and retention service offers a thorough analysis of your marketing and customer retention strategies. We assess customer acquisition sources and retention methods to identify customised approaches for acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones over the long term. Count on our service to expand your customer base, enhance customer satisfaction, and consolidate the long-term success of your company.

Sales strategies

Our sales strategy optimisation service analyses your current sales processes and develops customised strategies to increase sales. We evaluate sales channels, customer approaches, and negotiation strategies to identify targeted approaches that maximise sales success. Rely on us to increase your customer conversion and achieve sustainable sales success.


Marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy service offers a thorough analysis of your marketing activities to develop customised strategies and strengthen your market presence. We assess your target audiences, competitive landscape, and channel impact in detail to create an effective foundation to target your message and achieve your business goals. Rely on our service to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that increases visibility and ensures long-term success through customer retention and sales growth.

Target group analysis

This service provides a comprehensive analysis of your potential customer base. It gives you an in-depth understanding of their needs, preferences and behaviours. We analyse targeted demographics, online behaviour and social interactions to provide a sound basis for tailored marketing strategies. Use our service to tailor your website to the needs of your target audience and attract more customers in the long term.

Market research

Our market research service provides an in-depth analysis of your market environment. We provide valuable insights into industry trends, the competitive landscape and customer behaviour. By systematically analysing data, we generate in-depth insights that provide a strategic foundation for your business. Rely on our market research to strengthen your competitive position, make targeted decisions and achieve long-term market success.


We help your company to position itself clearly and distinctively in the marketplace. Through a thorough analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and the competitive landscape, we develop a unique positioning strategy that highlights your unique selling points. Rely on our services to successfully position your brand, increase your visibility and win customers in the long term.


Product and market strategy

Our Product Management service provides a comprehensive analysis of your entire product portfolio and associated processes. Based on this analysis, we develop tailored strategies for product development and optimisation. We identify opportunities for differentiation and innovation through careful analysis of market trends, customer feedback and the competitive landscape. You can rely on us to develop a comprehensive product management strategy that not only strengthens your competitiveness, but also ensures long-term customer loyalty and market success.

Development and design

Our team analyses your innovation processes and develops bespoke product development strategies. We carefully evaluate market needs, user expectations and technology trends to create differentiated and compelling products. You can rely on us to develop an effective approach to product development and design that not only meets user needs, but also strengthens your market position and ensures long-term success.


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your products to develop tailored strategies for successful market placement. Through careful analysis of target audiences, the competitive landscape and market trends, we identify unique selling points and differentiators. Rely on our services to successfully position your products in the market and develop an effective go-to-market strategy. We can help you capture the attention of your target audience, highlight your competitive advantages and ensure a successful launch.

Life cycle management

Our service provides comprehensive analysis and strategic planning for all stages of a product's life, from launch to retirement. We identify optimal actions for each lifecycle phase through detailed analysis of market trends, customer feedback and competitive developments. You can rely on us to develop effective strategies for product innovation, market response and adaptation over time. We help you successfully manage the entire product lifecycle to ensure your products remain relevant and competitive.


Project management

Our Project Management service provides comprehensive analysis and strategic planning for all aspects of your project management. We identify bespoke approaches to deliver projects efficiently and successfully by carefully reviewing project objectives, resource management and scheduling. You can rely on our service to develop effective project management strategies. These strategies not only ensure deadlines and budgets are met, but also maximise performance and team collaboration. We can help you successfully manage your projects from planning through to implementation and ensure sustainable project success.

Resource planning
and allocation

This service provides a comprehensive analysis of your organisation's resources to develop tailored strategies for efficient utilisation and allocation. We identify the best ways to allocate resources through a detailed review of workload, skills and project requirements. You can rely on our service to optimise your resource planning, avoid bottlenecks and achieve maximum efficiency in the use of your resources. We can help you put the right resources in the right place at the right time to increase the success of your business projects.

Risk management
and evaluation

Our risk management and assessment team provides a thorough analysis of your business environment. We develop tailored strategies to identify, assess and manage risk. Through a thorough review of internal and external factors, we identify potential risks and assess their impact on your organisation. You can rely on us to develop effective risk management strategies. These strategies not only minimise risks, but also identify and exploit opportunities. We help you to respond proactively to risks, ensuring the long-term stability and success of your organisation.

stakeholder management

We offer a comprehensive analysis of your communications strategies and stakeholder relationships to develop tailored plans for effective interaction. Through a detailed review of target audiences, communication channels and stakeholder expectations, we identify the best ways to communicate transparently and effectively. Rely on our service to optimise your communications management, meet stakeholder expectations and build and maintain long-term relationships with all relevant parties. We can help you develop clear and effective communication strategies to understand and meet your stakeholders' interests and needs.

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